Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The final part of the journey

I left Flam by ferry which headed out into the fjord and some very beautiful scenery

When you travel in a group (which theatre companies normally do) you tend to experience the journey in relation to the people who you travel with - you talk to them about it.

When I made this trip on my own I found that I did it relation to people that I was going to tell about the journey when I got back, which is not that different, but not exactly the same either.

the trip on the boat was very beautiful.

During my trip I started writing  post cards to Gordon Brown the UK Prime Minister.  I think that I will keep on doing this from time to time.

the front
the fjords are lovely and then you are out in the sea and on your way to Bergen

The Flam Railway

It was only 20 km long but the trip from Myrdal down to Flam was great

you start in the high mountains

Go past the amazing waterfall

see snow and farms

sit on the beautiful train

meet some Germans

and then you arrive at the fjord at the bottom where the cruise liners dock.

When I arrived Flam was full of people who were on a Fjord Cruise, when the ship left the place was empty.  The weather was so good that I cancelled my train ticket and booked a ferry ticket fo the next day that would take me all the way through the Fjord and then down the coast to Bergen for my flight home.

The train to Geilo

I took the train to Geilo and spent a day walking in the hills there and did some writing. Some of the scenery was very beautiful, even majestic

Below is a map of the train route from Oslo to Bergen
Before I set out walling I took a coffee and looked at my map
The next day I took the train on to Myrdal and Flam

My trip to Flam

As part of the very first development work on new project called 'Sea Journey'

it started on the last night of our development week in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic.

and then continued after not very much sleep when we took the train to Prague

I arrived in Oslo on Sunday night which was the night of the Euro football final and had some trouble finding my hotel as I did not know its name and did not know where it was and I did not have a map.

Me in Oslo thinking about where my hotel might be...

The next day I took the train on the first stage of the the famous Oslo to Begen main line.