Monday, 29 September 2008


On Thursday me and Dave drove to Bristol and the rest of the company took the train. The place we were staying at was in an area of Bristol called Clifton, right by the suspension bridge. It was beautiful there. Simon and Jan made us feel very welcome in their B&B, which was an enormous house right by the gorge.

The Tobacco Factory is a cool venue, with a cafe attached to it that serves very good coffee. We played three nights for big houses and we all want to go back there one day.
One day we went to the zoo and the other day we went into town and took a ferry to the Tobacco Factory.

The weather has been great on this tour, a proper indian summer.


We're in Bath now. I've been a bit slow with updating the blog because of a combination of lack of time and internet connection. So I'll add in some pictures later.

We travelled to Bath from Bristol yesterday, and what should have been a very easy travel day ended up being slightly complicated. Again, Dave and I were in the car and the others in the train. Kjell rang me when they arrived in Bath, and I drove up to meet him at his rented flat. Only half way there the gearbox went. Just like that. None of the gears worked anymore and I was obviously in the middle of a very busy junction. So Kjell came to rescue us in a taxi. He was on his own with the kids, so we stuck them in the front of the van - because that seemed the safest place to be in the middle of that junction - and Kjell McGyvered the car back together.
I drove their luggage to their flat, then drove on to the place me and the others were staying in and broke down again. In a better place this time.

Kjell fixed it more solid and I got home.
And I managed to get the car to the theatre this morning.

It does mean that Kjell is now driving back to Bristol because there is no VW dealer in Bath.

Oh well, I guess we should count ourselves lucky that it didn't happen in the middle of the motorway. Or on a day with a very tight schedule.

Bath is very pretty. Postcard pretty.


The first few days of our tour were in Liverpool, so I picked up Nikki at the Junction in Cambridge, we unloaded all the other sets that were in the van and came with me from Berlin, and got on the road. The drive was very smoothly - apart from when i nearly took the toll booth on the M6 with me, which made the toll booth lady giggle. We got to our house in Fairfield, which is quite a rough area in Liverpool. Tommy (our landlord) let us in a showed us around. The house was huge and most beds had satin sheets. Dave arrived half an hour later and the Mechacek family and Bob got there in the evening. The Moberg family flew into London and travelled to Liverpool the next day.

While Dave and Nikki and I were still alone at the house, the doorbell suddenly rang. It was 'We wish you a Merry Christmas', which seemed a bit out of place. Or time. I went to see who it was and found three little girls outside. They wanted to come and play in the garden. I explained that Tommy had left and it was just us there, but they didn't seem to care. 'Open the door! Please let us in! Can we please play in the garden?'
So we let them in and they ran through into the courtyard and started singing and dancing. They must have been about 8 years old. Once they were in, we felt a bit strange, not really knowing whether their parents knew where they were - we had no idea where they'd come from. So we rang Tommy and he said that they usually came over to play with his kids, and that their parents would know where they were.
Then, after they did there singing and dancing, they just left as suddenly as they'd appeared.

The Unity Theatre was very nice, and although we got a little bit nervous about low bookings, the staff at the Unity were completely right when they said a lot of their audiences just shows up at the door without booking in advance. So we had two shows with great audiences.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a press conference with a group of Chinese journalists. They came to interview us so they can write previews in their respective papers for when we go there. It was all very strange. There were 4 journalists, the lady from the British Council in China, and a translator. I was most impressed by the translator. Kjell would talk and talk and talk and she'd just wait. And when he stopped talking she translated the whole lot. Obviously she could have been saying anything, as none of us speak Chinese. But I think she really translated.

They all came to see the show that night.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

We're heading to the UK.

Next week we're starting our UK tour. You can find dates and venues on the right.
I'm starting tomorrow because I want to spend some time in Belgium before the start of the tour, and as I'm driving, I go via Belgium. Very convenient.

I have a van full of stuff which belongs to a variety of shows, and will fill it up with more stuff on the way.

This will be our next journey through Europe.