Friday, 19 October 2012

Some Great North North North Pictures from Martin!

We went to the Andree Museum in Sweden where they have a full size replica of the balloon basket

Then headed back to Asker in Norway to work on the narrative and some scene ideas - we had a great time working at our new rehearsals space in Dikkemark.

This is Lis sending Martin off in the Balloon!

And Margit

and this is Martin swimming in the very cold lake during our lunch break....

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Museum of Memories on tour

Museum of Memories opened in April this year and went on its first tour last week. In NIE we want to take all our work on tour. Museum of Memories is a special case. The set is made out of more than two tons of rusty steel, and the venue is an inflatable tent that we bring with us. First time we mounted the installation it took us eight hours with twelve people.

We started off with rehearsals inside in our venue in Dikemark. The new technical crew Marketa and Honza needed to get to know the set without to much wind and rain.

The cast has arrived. Iva and Guri recap text.

The tent is actually two tents joined together. They weigh about 300 kg`s each and are easy to put up with three people. This Sunday morning someone managed to run out of petrol, so I was left alone with the seagulls and the tent. Initially I was supposed to be there to look after that everything went smooth and nice before the evening performance  After some swearing I did get it up alone, and a young fan that was on a early Sunday walk kept my spirits up telling me how she liked NIE`s work.

Dagfinn talk to the audience before the performance.

Helder backstage. Its cold in Norway at this time of year
Backstage before the outer wall is mounted
 Helder tuning inside.
After three nice performances in Fredrikstad we
--> continued the tour. At the end of the tour the riggigng time had gone from 4 hours to 40 minutes. That is thou without the tent - that takes a couple of hours.

Kjell Moberg - Co - Artistic Director NIE