Sunday, 24 May 2009

B61 back into action

After Norway's great success in the Eurovision song contest Elisabet came back to rehearsals buzzing with enthusiasm. Kjell was not around for the Monday and Tuesday but David led music rehearsals. David introduced a new version of the Introduction Song which Elisabet believes, after Andy Webbers disappointing 5th place in Moscow, David should put forward for next years contest in Oslo.

The cast practiced the art of playing music, acting, moving, and talking all at the same time. For Elisabet the challenge continues...

Kjell arrived with in Italian tan also buzzing/glowing from his country's success. Rehearsal are now situated only in JES's lovely main space. Finally, some quality time with the Trabi.

Aude and Alex have been doing great work pushing the car around, with the cast and all the set in it, all over the stage. What a work out! Only three weeks left to go and then parading the beach this summer, eh!?

The sun shines steadily in the sweet sity (sic) of Stuttgart. Or is it....?

Jaws In Stuttgart? Paradise Lost!

The beautiful bank holiday is suddenly interrupted last Thursday. People pertified. What could it be? Chaos. Thunder rolling up above them. Shouts! Cries! 'Where is my Baby?' 'Heraus! Heraus!! Achtung! Rhubarb, Rhubarb!' The fear like a big leather glove upon the holiday loving public. In a flash the pool is empty. Only one foreigner is left. What will happen to her? A certain death? No.

A thunder storm cut short a trip to the out-door pool in Untert'urkheim. Elisabet kept swimming regardless. David and Aude where already out and watched her. With everyone rushing out of the water it was like a scene from the film 'Jaws' but without a shark.

...or maybe it's just rumors...

This blog entry is now ended. Now.

(posted by David and Elisabet)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Stuttgart Kebab Patrol

Kjell Susegg Moberg - 2m13
Elke Paula Laleman - 1m21

Alex is eating a kebab

Kjell is eating a Kebab

Elke has caught a falling star or a radioactive kebab

Junges Ensemble Stuttgart celebrates its 5th birthday

And we were there to help celebrate. I drove from Oslo to Stuttgart, which is many kilometres and many hours and only one idiot driver, met up with the guys at Dave and Grete's barbecue, and got dragged around Stuttgart by Kjell, who had to show me his newly acquired local knowledge.
The next day we started the get-in at 10pm, knowing that if we'd forgotten or broken anything, there would be no shop to get a replacement, as the next day was May 1.

But the people from JES solved anything that came up, and we were ready to play at 8pm on May 1.

The family Zog was more than ready...

And so were the bare-chested ladies.

On Sunday I went from Stuttgart to Oslo, which was not as easy as it sounds and definitely not as cheap as it sounds.
But I got there in the end and brought Kjell back home to his family.

I've now taken over from Honza on the Song tour and am hoping to bypass the bad luck that's been on their heels last week. They had a very tough week where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Poor Honza said goodbye, saying he hoped the curse would leave him before he got on the plane back to Czech Republic.
The leftovers of their cursed week is that every morning I have to spray the car into action with some special gas that goes straight into the engine. So every morning I disconnect a tube, spray into the other end of it, and start the car with a bang. It's an unusual morning routine, but then again if all mornings were usual, life would be very very boring.

In the meanwhile we are very close to booking our transatlantic boat trip which will happen in the autumn. Isn't that exciting? I think it is.