Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Operatic Fight

When we were in Stuttgart, Dave, Tom, Liz and Bob, worked out a more advanced version of the opera part of the fight scene. Here in Porsgrunn they worked on it a bit more. This is still in the early stages, but I think if you know NIE, you know this will develop more and more as the show is being played more.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Geeks, soft ice and the water taxi

The morning after our first performance, we hung around in the horse riding place and had a geeky morning. This sometimes happens with NIE. Everyone gets their computers out and exchanges tips and tricks. This is a side of NIE most people probably don't know...

We did eventually decide we had to go out and enjoy the sun.
And some soft ice.

When we arrived at the festival centre to have some lunch, we were offered a boat ride to the venue. It was fantastic. This is Lars, who chauffeured us all the way to work.

Life in Porsgrunn

The PIT festival is very very nice. There are a lot of incredibly nice festival across Europe, and each of them is nice for different reasons. PIT is nice because it's in summer, it's in a beautiful town and it's run by very nice people.

We were staying in a horse riding place. This was our building.

There was a list of the rooms that were ours, and we were apparently called the NIE underdogs. Although Underdogs was most probably the name of another company performing in the festival.

After our first show we went into town to the festival centre. The below pictures were taken between 9pm and 11pm. Summer in Norway - it doesn't go dark.

The camera I had at this moment had something called Smile Shutter, which we were testing out. Basically it will only snap when the subject is smiling.

Everyone was enjoying the late evening Norwegian sun, and as NIE touring usually means very long winters, we stayed outside for as long as we could, until it got a little bit too chilly.

The river leading to the fjord. If you follow the river, you arrive first at our fantastic venue, and a bit later at the sea.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The building

Porsgrunn found us an amazing place to perform at. Porsgrunn Bad. The building itself had been built and bombed by the Germans, used to be a porcelain factory, then a gokarting place, it had several other purposes throughout the years, and now it is mostly empty and very dusty.

As soon as we arrived we started setting up and all got very dirty in no time at all.
The people from the festival tried everything to get rid of most of the dust, but it was near impossible to get rid of decennia of accumulated dust, so we just avoided to many brusk movements that would trigger a cloud of dust to fill the space.

Standing with your back to our front door, this is the view:

This is where we played. The first floor of the furthest part of the building: the four big windows just in front of the two smaller ones...

Travel by Numbers 12 : Berlin-Porsgrunn

Driven distance: six hundred and one kilometres
Driving time: seven hours and thirty seven minutes
Ferry crossings: two
Time on boats: fifteen and a half hours
Idiot drivers: none

Driving into ferry number one (Kiel-Göteborg)

My cabin

The arrival of ferry number two (Stromstad-Sandefjord)

Driving off ferry number two