Monday, 24 September 2012

Past Half Remembered in the UK

We had a great time touring in the UK with Past Half Remembered playing at Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Oxford and Cambridge this week. We had two shows at The Junction, Cambridge - where we have our UK office,  and had a useful post show discussion with GCSE students.

We finished at North Wall Arts Centre with (almost) sell-out shows and now the set has been packed up and shipped back to Norway. The show will tour to Cameroon this November and then back to the UK for more touring dates in March 2013!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Vodka and tea in Sevenoaks for Past Half Remembered

Saturday was a day of travel into the UK as Iva and Marie flew in from Norway, Nikola from the Czech Republic, Elke from Belgium and Aude from France.

On Sunday, Anna and Rew got a train from Bristol and Anna Healey, Bob, Alex and Kieran travelled from London to meet up with everyone in Sevenoaks for a day of re-rehearsals.

After unpacking the set fresh from festival touring in Japan, Sunday was spent going back through the show and rehearsing the music ready for 2 shows on Monday at the Space, Sevenoaks to packed audiences!

We also got some critical supply of tea ingredients for the samovar and vodka for our waiting audiences this week.

(written by Cat Moore)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Past Half Remembered is on its way to the UK

After their adventure to Japan it's lovely to know that all the company made it back safely (despite the best efforts of a typhoon!). Over in the UK we are now gearing up to tour 'Past Half Remembered' in just a couple of weeks time and it really is all go therefore. We've had a new design done for the show which we're very pleased with which came out of one of our photo shoots in Mseno. Kieran will doubtless be pleased to know that his being drenched repeatedly with ice cold water was not all in vain...

We're taking the show to 4 fantastic venues this year: The Space (Sevenoaks), The Junction (Cambridge), The Gulbenkian (Canterbury), and North Wall Arts Centre (Oxford), from 17 - 21 September. You can find out more details on our website (just look for the Tour Dates in the What We Are Up To Tab), and on our facebook page there are video interviews with some of the cast, and Alex the director. Or here is a sneaky peek at our lovely flyer:

Past Half Remembered is a madcap journey through the epic sweep of twentieth century Russian history. The Reds and the Whites do battle, the Germans invade, tea is served from a samovar and there is a very big wedding. Actors change roles and get confused about which side they are on and someone gets an umbrella shoved up their nose!
We also plan to tour the show next March so if you miss out this time, then never fear, the Russians with their tea and biscuits will be back!