Monday, 17 September 2012

Vodka and tea in Sevenoaks for Past Half Remembered

Saturday was a day of travel into the UK as Iva and Marie flew in from Norway, Nikola from the Czech Republic, Elke from Belgium and Aude from France.

On Sunday, Anna and Rew got a train from Bristol and Anna Healey, Bob, Alex and Kieran travelled from London to meet up with everyone in Sevenoaks for a day of re-rehearsals.

After unpacking the set fresh from festival touring in Japan, Sunday was spent going back through the show and rehearsing the music ready for 2 shows on Monday at the Space, Sevenoaks to packed audiences!

We also got some critical supply of tea ingredients for the samovar and vodka for our waiting audiences this week.

(written by Cat Moore)

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