Sunday, 24 August 2008

Have we been here for too long?

I just saw Bob's egg jump out of its little eggcup onto the floor and roll away. That is strange. Seriously. Bob put the egg cup down on the table, got up to get something else from the buffet, and it sort of... jumped. Onto the floor.

But maybe we've been here slightly too long and maybe the madhouse is having its way with us.

Friday started as a normal day. We rehearsed as usual.

Played some volleyball.

Some strange characters started appearing, but nothing to worry about.

Cake time - everything still perfectly normal.

Dinner time. Desert was white chocolate mousse. Full of sugar. And everything suddenly changed...

Monday, 18 August 2008

Two days off

We're having two days off.
Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to go and find Denmark's most beautiful beach.
On the way there we found these two, so we took them with us.

Denmark's most beautiful beach:

And then we went back home.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Aj Romane

End of week 1

We've been here for a week now and moved into the theatre space on Sunday afternoon. It means we have more space to spread all of our stuff around.

On Tuesday afternoon, Marie and I made an installation out of all of our props while the guys were playing football.

On Wednesday, we made a new one.

In the evenings, we usually rehearse music.

And some evenings, we just carry on where we left off.

The family Zog in the car on the way to Peterborough...

And when we've used up all of our energy, we play billiards.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Back to the story

Our main aim at the moment is story telling, and trying to fill in the gaps that we left when we rehearsed at the Lyric last November.

Some of the story telling happens with words, some of it with music.

Day 1 at Odsherred

So I took a ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg which was nice. All of the other ferries I've taken in the past have been full of truckers, this one seemed to be a family ferry. Scandiwegians returning from a holiday in the UK or Brits going on a holiday in Scandinavia.
It meant there was an onboard magician as well as an onboard troubadour. Neither of them were very good.

Got to Denmark at 1pm on Wednesday and drove across to Copenhagen. Danish radio is quite good for driving.

In Copenhagen I went straight to Marie's flat (she's our designer), met her 6 month old baby Alba and took her to Ikea to get some stuff for the show (stools).

On Thursday we drove around Copenhagen for more shopping, had lunch with Alex, and drove off to Odsherred Theatre, in Nykobing S. (There is more than one Nykobing in Denmark which can be confusing).

When we got there we were served dinner and showed to our rooms.

This is my room. It's a little bit odd and has a lot of foreign artefacts in it.

Later that evening everyone else arrived at the theatre and they all got settled in.

On Friday we had our first rehearsal day after the holidays, and decided everyone would put together a chair to sit in. Alex turned it into a bit of a competition, made sure he got his hands on the screwdriver first, and won.

The winner.

Tom was not so close to winning.

Marie didn't win, but she didn't mind at all.

Then everyone had to try out the goodies Marie and I had found in Copenhagen.

After lunch (I have to say the food is incredibly good here, there's an enormous amount of it, and it gets served very often) - we went for a walk to discover the area. First stop was the sea.

Then we walked through the (ex-) hospital grounds. There were a lot of snails and slugs.

And a cemetery.

When we got back we unpacked the costumes and explored those.

And after dinner we played music together.

It was a very full first day.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Back to work

Right then. I got back from Johannesburg last night and am ready to get back to work. So tomorrow I will take a plane from Berlin to London Stansted, Cat will pick me up and drive me to a van rental place, we'll take the van to the Junction and load up our stuff, I'll drive to Harwich, get on a ferry that will take me to Esbjerg (Denmark) and from there I will drive to Copenhagen to meet Marie, our designer.
We'll go shopping for more stuff for rehearsals and then we'll meet up with everyone else in Nykobing.

In case you wonder: we'll be working there for 3 weeks on Everything Falls Apart, a new show.