Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Twist/Guttens hemmeligheter in Gent

What have we been up too in Gent lately:

Dagfinn has tried out how to start the day inside a carpet. It might look like that he will be there when the performance open.

Lenka and Helder in music rehersals:

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Katja have been playing a lot with cardboard:

And so have the actors:

And how to open a letter without no one noticing:
And trying out costumes:

Cutting hair:

Participating in nice receptions:

And playing with pyroeffects:

In a few days we will move out of the rehearsal space and into the theatre. Check back for more posts very soon.

Posted by Kjell Moberg. Co - Artistic Director NIE

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A gingerbread house

This is the model of our gingerbread house. Any ideas about how we can make smoke come out of the chimney??

Rehearsals start next week in Cambridge.

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