Wednesday, 31 August 2011

More Longyearbyen mountain

We climbed up above the cloud layer and in the end even found some sunshine (even though it was snowing at the same time)

At the top we could see right across the glacier and see many of the mountains of Spitzbergen. Because people have not been here for very long not all of the peeks have names.

The terrain is very rugged and difficult at times - we walked next to the glacier and right up to the top.

They way up was quite hard, it took 3 and half hours - on the way back it was only 2 and half.

We made it down quite fast and saw lots of wild life on the way - but no Polar Bears.

Up the Mountain

Today we climbed the mountain above Longyearbyen, next to the glacier and up to the very top. We wanted to see the view of the fjord and mountains beyond..... even though it was cloudy we hoped for the best.

we went with Inga our guide who took her dog called Maud (a boy), it was a Greenland dog, she also took some chocolate and coffee and large revolver in case of Polar Bears

We passed the old coal mine entrance which was full of ice from the permafrost

and headed up into the hills - there are no trees or bushes here only rock, and stones, and boulders, and mud and ice. There are also big mountains over 1000 meters tall.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Boat trip to the glacier

We went on a boat trip out into the very cold Fjord to see the glacier which is busy falling into the sea....

We took a gun on the boat in case of polar bears - we were going to the place where a bear killed a young guy last month...

we did not see a bear but we did see a puffin. And some seals....

and the Glacier which was amazing:

Into longyearbyen

We walked the two kilometres from the new town into the centre and found a cafe with pretty good espresso.

We also spent a few moments in the shopping centre. Kjell took a shine to this outfit.

The weather is fine. About 3 / 4 degrees and cloudy. No rain. We will try to get out on a boat this afternoon.

Alex and Kjell.

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Monday afternoon

We have been out in town today to the museum and to the supermarket. I bought some wine at quite in Norwegian tax free prices.

We also visited the snow mobile park and tool a tour of new cultural house

The Theatre seats about 230 people and shows films and other stuff too

This afternoon we will go out on fjord in a boat and visit a glacier. Pictures to follow.


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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Oslo Airport - the first hop north

Well I made it to Oslo at least. The airport here is very busy for a Sunday afternoon - I guess its the end of the holidays here. My flight leaves at 20.50 and arrives close to midnight in Svalbard, but it will still be light there I think. I hope that SAS don't loose my bag, otherwise I will be cold and look Dumb Dumb Dumb.

The point of no return

Maybe when you get to Hatton Cross that is the point on no return.

At least you know you have to go somewhere.


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Location:Edward Rd,Hounslow,United Kingdom

North North North

This Sunday morning is the start of our journey north to Svalbard, a Norwegian island in the far, far north. It is inside the arctic circle. It is the most northern inhabited outpost of Europe. It is North North North.

Rather mundanely my journey starts with the 490 London bus from Twickenham to Heathrow. I will meet Kjell in Olso and then fly on to the North. I will try to blog as much as I can so check back here for some slightly more exciting pictures I hope.

My bag is full of winter clothes.

My stomach is full of butterflies.

It feels like the start of a proper adventure.

The bus voice counts me down to the point of now return.

"Hounslow Airparks Leisure Centre"

"Feltham High Steet"

"490 to Heathrow Terminal Five"


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Monday, 15 August 2011

Hansel and Gretel in London

We had a workshop this week in London with Alex, Carly Davis and a bunch of great performers at St Mary's University College London. We have four confirmed cast members for Hansel and Gretel (the family Christmas show at The Junction, Cambridge this year), but are looking to find a fifth performer.We explored some of the songs from the show and played some improvisation games together.

Monday, 1 August 2011

space for a show (part 3): historic gem

Then we went by Thames Clipper up to the Royal Naval College and saw some beautiful spaces in Greenwich, whilst Squeeze soundchecked for the gig there that night:

by Cat Moore

space for a show (part2):across the water

We then went by ex-police boat from the Dome across to Trinity Buoy Wharf where we heard Soho Theatre members rehearsing for their new opera, and then we went up the only lighthouse in London:

Space for a show (part1): underground London

Alex and I spent Friday travelling up and down the River Thames in London looking for an exciting space to perform Tales from the River Thames - our participatory performance project with The Unicorn theatre in 2012.

We went under the railway tracks looking at the atmospheric (and damp) Old Vic Tunnels,the damp smell reminded us of the Underbelly in Edinburgh: