Sunday, 28 August 2011

North North North

This Sunday morning is the start of our journey north to Svalbard, a Norwegian island in the far, far north. It is inside the arctic circle. It is the most northern inhabited outpost of Europe. It is North North North.

Rather mundanely my journey starts with the 490 London bus from Twickenham to Heathrow. I will meet Kjell in Olso and then fly on to the North. I will try to blog as much as I can so check back here for some slightly more exciting pictures I hope.

My bag is full of winter clothes.

My stomach is full of butterflies.

It feels like the start of a proper adventure.

The bus voice counts me down to the point of now return.

"Hounslow Airparks Leisure Centre"

"Feltham High Steet"

"490 to Heathrow Terminal Five"


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