Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Last week of North North North rehearsals

It’s a great time for NIE, our rehearsal residency in Peterborough at the Key Theatre has neatly coincided with the warmest weather anyone’s seen in months. So in between conjuring sub-zero temperatures, shivering, donning multiple layers and yelling over the sound of the icy wind, we’ve been having picnic lunches in the sunshine on Peterborough embankment.

One half of set design team Bicat&Rigby- Kate has had a colourful few weeks, browsing local shops for taxidermy pigeons, suspending maps from the ceiling of the Key Theatre studio and not infrequently finding herself covered in PVA glue.

We received some great feedback from our open rehearsal last week and are now in the final countdown with one day until the premiere. Though the time’s gone by unnervingly fast, we’re looking forward to it. Jump into your preferred mode of transport, be it car, train or sled - don a moustache, and get yourself to Peterborough to see North North North this week!

Written by Holly Sharp, NIE Intern