Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Adventures in Peterborough

After development time at The North Wall, Oxford we are now in residence at The Key Theatre studio Peterborough for the final rehearsals for North North North.

We have been working on how to use the photographs from the expedition and our set designers Bicat&Rigby have been busy finishing off the set design and finding the right costumes.

We have an open rehearsal tomorrow night so it will be really useful to hear some feedback on how we present the story and responses to it so far...

 Margit trying on her moustache and thermal clothing!

Martin working with the crashed air balloon and original photograph

Using ladders to represent the height of the balloon

Written by Cat Moore, Producer

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Balloons and blowers

We had a great week in residency at The North Wall in Oxford working on North North North. Through the week we looked at how to tell the story, and to find both the comic and poignant moments within it. We played with the use of projection and object puppetry as ways to illustrate the story.

On Friday we had an informal sharing and found the feedback really useful to inform the process.

"Well, have a treat in the making with NorthNorthNorth. Great real adventure story, invention & a big balloon. Hope they keep...the leaf blower"

We are back to work on the show for final rehearsals at The Key Theatre, Peterborough from the 22 April, with the opening on the 9 May!

 Picture of the crashed balloon

 Showing how windy it was at the North Pole with the aid of a leaf blower and a cup of coffee!
 Feedback after the sharing

Hunting a polar bear

written by Cat Moore, UK Producer

Friday, 5 April 2013

North North North to North Wall!

This week we have been developing the show further at North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford - looking at the story and how the projection will work in the show.