Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Festival Vol.I

There we go. The last day before the start of Vol.I of the festival. Excitement!
NRK will come today and film and interview everyone involved in Hav / TSJ for broadcasting tomorrow :)

Because of a ski accident one of our actors will be unable to play some of the performances that were originally planned for 13-22 January. The NIE anniversary celebrations will for that reason be divided into Vol.I and Vol.II.

Vol.I looks like this:
13.1 Hav / Tales from a Sea Journey - world premiere
14.1 Seminar
15.1 Hav / Tales from a Sea Journey + VETEX opening party

16.1 My Life with The dogs
17.1 Workshop
18.1 Workshop
19.1 The Song of Lost Treasures
20.1 No program
21.1 Hav / Tales from a Sea Journey
22.1 Hav / Tales from a Sea Journey

Want to see any of these shows and/or attend the fantastic VETEX concert? Buy your tickets at

The performances Berlin 1961, Everything Falls Apart, My Long Journey Home, Past Half Remembered and The End of Everything Ever will be postponed until later on in 2011. We hope to update you soon with more information on when NIE Festival Vol.II will take place.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Over the salty sea

We have been getting on with rehearsals for Tales from a Sea Journey / HAV.
The space is quite big and we have been using some big projections.

These are some of the pictures that Jirka took in rehearsals.
We have been using some of the pictures that we took on the CMA CGM Fort St Louis and projecting them on the big screen in Dramatikens Hus.

This is Liz as Ella with the shark that her grandma makes

This is Iva and Kieran trying out the start of the show, making the Atlantic gale.

And this is an early rehearsal shot of Kapitan Mathiasen in his paint boat. Will he survive and make it back to Norway?