Tuesday, 22 February 2011


We arrived to Mexico City late at night, and and were picked up by some very nice people from the festival. There was some small confusion in the customs about the hockey and ski bags thet the set is packed in. Why do you come to mexico with winter sports equipment? But after pushing a red button we got thru.(!!??) When you push the red button a red or green light will shine - its the most random control I have ever seen.

We went up to the TV tower to get a better overview. I do not know if it helped. Mexico City has 22 million people and it’s enormous.

The venue

Every venue has got its own little altar to Santa Maria de Guadeloupe. She is supposed to look after the venue and the people working there. It looks like you still need a fire extinguisher !

Sunday was a day off so we went to in Teotihuacán. Its unbelievable that this is enormous site is man made.

Written by Kjell Moberg, Associate Director NIE