Monday, 25 October 2010

Tour in Østfold- Norway

We are back in Norway and have been touring the region of Østfold for the last week. Winter is slowly coming and the first snow has already been here and disappeared this week. Some of the performances on the tour are played in the daytime so there have been several different strategies to cope with the early mornings over the last week.

Strategy one: More rest !

Here in a communal lie down after a communal meal.

Strategy two: Push Thru With Intensity

What seems to be the best strategy so far is a morning swim in the freezing fjord. This morning Iva, Jolita, Unai and David decided to have a proper go just close to our house, and it was so could that the ducks wouldn’t even bother to move. Air temperature: -1 Water: +4

The frozen ground:

The ducks:

Straight in there:

A man with a warm heart and cold feet:

From tomorrow after playing in Moss we head of to the Norwegian Assitej festival in Kristiansand