Monday, 29 September 2008


We're in Bath now. I've been a bit slow with updating the blog because of a combination of lack of time and internet connection. So I'll add in some pictures later.

We travelled to Bath from Bristol yesterday, and what should have been a very easy travel day ended up being slightly complicated. Again, Dave and I were in the car and the others in the train. Kjell rang me when they arrived in Bath, and I drove up to meet him at his rented flat. Only half way there the gearbox went. Just like that. None of the gears worked anymore and I was obviously in the middle of a very busy junction. So Kjell came to rescue us in a taxi. He was on his own with the kids, so we stuck them in the front of the van - because that seemed the safest place to be in the middle of that junction - and Kjell McGyvered the car back together.
I drove their luggage to their flat, then drove on to the place me and the others were staying in and broke down again. In a better place this time.

Kjell fixed it more solid and I got home.
And I managed to get the car to the theatre this morning.

It does mean that Kjell is now driving back to Bristol because there is no VW dealer in Bath.

Oh well, I guess we should count ourselves lucky that it didn't happen in the middle of the motorway. Or on a day with a very tight schedule.

Bath is very pretty. Postcard pretty.

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