Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pimp our van

Hello one and all.
NIE (Kjell) have almost bought a van for NIE (me). It looks like this:

As I will be spending a lot of time in there, I want to have it decorated in true NIE style.
There's plenty of space to decorate as you can see here.

I got this two weeks ago (eagerly awaiting the new van):

If you are around any of our future destinations (Graz being the first), please have think about how you could pimp our van. But keep the following in mind: I still need to be able to see the road and both mirrors.
Kjell pointed out that the back wall of the cabin is fairly big, so maybe you have some pictures that would look good there? Or maybe you're a very good airbrusher and would like to do something cool on the outside (like our logo...)?
Bottom line is: as I cruise back and forth across Europe, I want to know that I'm driving the funkiest van on the continent.

(I will veto any type of air freshener.)

So see you in Graz!

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