Wednesday, 28 April 2010

All means of transport in one weekend

So we're off again.
To say I've recovered from my new-found paranoia about parking, would be wishful thinking, but it doesn't stop me from looking forward to hitting the road again.
We have a very exciting spring ahead of us, and it all starts next week.
I will take the ferry to Oslo tomorrow, then the bus to Torp, then the plane to Stansted, train to Cambridge, bus to Bedford, taxi back to Cambridge, train to Stansted, bus to Oslo, van to Lund.
Lund is very close to Malmö. Maybe I find my stolen goods.
When I was driving to Trelleborg last week (as a replacement service for my ash-covered flight), I scanned all passing cars for a bright orange suitcase. I know, that's ridiculous, but hope dies last.

here's what we have lined up in the spring.
LUND - we will play the trilogy twice. I've been told the shows are already very full, so hurry up and get your tickets as the trilogy is becoming a rare event now that we have newer shows waiting to be played.
STUTTGART - our friends at JES are organising a great festival called Schöne Aussicht, where we will play two shows: Berlin 1961 and Everything Falls Apart. Again, get your tickets soon, because one of those shows has a very limited capacity.
BRISTOL - Bristol is hosting a Bristol-wide festival called Mayfest, where we can be found in the Tobacco Factory. 4 shows in 2 days. Limited capacity. Book now, UK friends.
STAMSUND - north north north, and I will be going there with the van from Bristol. It will be a magnificent journey, and I'll tell you all about it when we reach that point. Follow us north to the midsummer sun. We only play once, and there is only space for 80 people, so again: get your tickets now.
RECKLINGHAUSEN - back to the tent with the remote control roof, this time with My Life With the Dogs. Last time we were there it was very sunny and lovely, so all the more reasons to visit the Ruhrfestspiele.
HRADEC KRALOVE - two shows again: Berlin 1961 - in English for the first time, and Everything Falls Apart.

After that we take a short break and then we're off to Okinawa.
As you can see, wherever you are, we will travel towards you. And if we don't reach your hometown, maybe you can travel a little bit towards us to?

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