Thursday, 12 May 2011

Sea Journey touring

The tour started with the Mayfest Robot Disco at Bristol Old Vic where Liz and Kieran really got into the spirit of the event...

We managed a run through at the Tobacco Factory which must be our favorite UK venue (well maybe in the top 3...)

At the Pleasance London I saw lots of old friends who know us from Edinburgh and it was great to see Anthony and the Pleasance gang still going strong and hard at work in non-Edinburgh mode. It is a lovely space that they have up there in Islington - I am heading back there soon for some development work on a new show called Pim and Theo - more on that later....

At the Pleasance Captain Mathiasen's sand stuck to the floor a bit and Elke went to work with mop to sort it out (extra points to her for that)

We are off the Oslo for shows this weekend in Dramatikens Hus - its the second part fo the NIE 10 Years Festival so look out for us there - 10 years is a long time - if it hadn't been so much fun I would say I feel old but as Kjell says - "its not the years, its the kilometers" what do you think he means?

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Samarkand said...

Not top 3. Favourite.

Lovely to see you as ever and congrats on a wonderful show.