Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dog sledding in the far far north

We went out of town close the coal mine and met up with Sebastian from the Green Dog Sled company and kitted up in huge snow suits for a morning of dog sledding.

We were very warm in the hut but it was very cold outside.

Liz really loved the dogs and led the way with helping to get them ready for our trip. we had two sleds one with ten dogs and one with eight.

It was hard to take an pictures out on the snow because it was so dark, even though we were put at 11am in the morning. Here is the best of them.

Martin was driving me on the way out into the valley. I was in charge on the way back.

It was a fantastic experience and had a huge impact on us. We were far far away from any signs of human life. After the initial symphony of barking and howling at the start it was almost silent and very beautiful. (this is not so clear in the pictures so you have to take my work for it)

I was very keen to look for the Northern Lights, so keen that I nearly fell of the sled and had hang on with one hand and apply the breaks. I think the dogs knew I was an amateur.

At the end we felt like real arctic explorers. It was a really great way to travel up here.

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Location:Vei 224,Longyearbyen,Svalbard and Jan Mayen

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