Monday, 9 April 2012

All we need is a long vehicle!

This is the week of long vehicles, long days and many events.
While Twist left Belgium on Sunday on its way to Markedet for Scenekunst in Sandefjord,Norway two other trucks left Czech Republic with The Museum of Memories bound for Asker,Norway.

The Twist cast are allready preparing for the Norwegian version of the play in our venue in Asker :

Here is the Czech welding team filling the truck with what will be the inside of Museum of Memories. The 140 sqm installation and performance will open in the heart of Oslo in some few weeks

Here is the first glimse of the shell that will cover Katja`s set. After some weeks of rehersals in Asker it will be build on Tulinløkka in Oslo,Norway betweeen the National Gallery and The National Museum

Written by co - Artistic Director of NIE Kjell Moberg

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