Monday, 30 July 2012

On tour in Korea and Japan

Festival opening in Japan.

Iva, Elke, Kieran, Rew and I have now arrived in Okinawa to attend the opening of the Kijimuna festival on the 28th of July. While Bob and Anna are still teaching workshops in Busan and Seoul in Korea, we and our instruments were brought to Okinawa, Japan with great care by All Nippon Airways.

An example to follow for European airways? It’s just to put the flight case in a flight case!

The Kijimuna festival is one of the biggest events in the field of theatre for young audiences in 2012, and it hosts 81 performances from all over the world. Beside the performances there is also a wide range of workshops and a seminarprogram. This years festival also host the international Assitej meeting with delegates from 56 countries.

We are playing our first performance on the 30th and will be back with more info after the Japanese premiere of My Long Journey Home. 

Kjell Moberg – Co -Artistic Director NIE

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