Monday, 5 November 2012

'I Will Be EVERYTHING' kicks off in Peterborough

So this November 5th sees Alex, Kieran and Carly embarking on the first day of R&D for a brand new piece over in Peterborough...'I Will Be EVERYTHING'.

We are very excited to be back in Peterborough and working with Vivacity and the Key Theatre, as we had a wonderful time there in 2010 creating and performing 'Tales from the Middle of Town', which saw a large disused shopping unit in the town centre transformed into a magical theatre installation.

This new show, 'I Will Be EVERYTHING' is very much in its infancy, but will challenge children to imagine their (and our) future.  What will you be?  What will it be like? What do you want to do? We'll be workshopping in community venues and schools next year, but for now it's up to Alex, Kieran and Carly to get started on some ideas...check out this link to twitter to see a picture of Carly and Kieran starting their day in Peterborough!


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