Monday, 25 February 2013

'I will be EVERYTHING', Peterborough Pilot Workshops

Hi, I'm Holly and I’m excited to say that I’m the new intern for NIE. As part of my placement I’ll be mainly focusing on the Peterborough-based projects that NIE have planned for this year.

Last week we were working in primary schools round Peterborough picking on some exciting young minds for ideas to turn into a new show, ‘I will be EVERYTHING’. The workshops focused on the world of the future, fast-forwarding students to  2063 and the terrifyingly old age of 58 and asking them to explain a little more about their new world! Discussion included the new and exciting and also the scary and worrying things that the 2060s have in store, with students presenting their thoughts to their classmates.

Amongst our 58 year old participants we had a monkey, a ninja, a few dentists, quite a few footballers and one ghostbuster. We were told of several new inventions, including flying cars, houses that can get bigger and smaller and a newspaper that has tomorrow's news.

Even new words, ‘Catadogo’ anyone? Someone from 2063 could tell you that it means, ‘I like your pet’!

It wasn’t all happy news though, in 2063 everyone has red eyes and there is a worryingly growing population of giant ants...

Thank you to all the kids and teachers and West Town, Middleton and The Beeches primary schools for all your help and enthusiasm, we can’t wait to starting using your ideas in ‘I will be EVERYTHING’!

Holly Sharp - NIE Intern

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