Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Finland- Helsinki Festival

When we visited the Helsinki Stage Festival last time 4 years ago, the founder of Korjaamo Raoul Grünstein took us in to the tram museum next door and said: ” Next time around I will have made this into a great theatre space ” And so he truly did. There are still some trams left on the edge of the space.

The new space of Korijaamo is not only a good space, but also its got fantastic technical equipment and the fastest and nicest technicians in Europe so far this year.
Here is a picture of Elke and the crew. They are so superfast that my Iphone hardly managed to make a capture of them.

We were playing Everything Falls Apart on our visit to Helsinki Festival and it was the opening of the season for us. I do not know if it was because of the long holidays for some of the actors, but someone came up with a new exercise called Pac Man. Simply based on the classic computer game. It’s a great way to do something silly without spending too much energy.

We are now off to Peterborough for the final rehearsals on Tales from The Middle of Town.
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Kjell Moberg- Associate Dircetor

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