Saturday, 18 September 2010

Tales From The Middle Of Town

Behind closed doors of the shopping centre, hidden away in what used to be a busy book shop are NIE-ers hard at work...

"Be careful of your imagination, it can get you into trouble..." If this quote is true then the children who wrote the stories to fill up this show should be in very big trouble...

Rehearsals were magical as the words of the children literally transformed before our very eyes. I loved every second from start:
To finish:

But the shop opening had to be my favourite part. Not only did i get to pretend to be a shopkeeper for a while, but i also got to see gleeful children peek in through the shop door and the inquisitive look on the face of every passer by. As a born and bred citizen of Peterborough, i know how much the city is desperate for something like this to happen. And thankfully it did happen.

It was beautiful and magical.

I feel so priviledged to have worked alongside NIE on this production and to have witnessed their magic first hand. And i just hope that this show has some influence over the generations of Peterborough. I hope it encourages them to always love and cherish stories. So stories in this area will always continue to "be in progress".
Written by Lianne Harvey.

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