Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Ark in Dublin

The Ark in Dublin is a lovely space, but it gave us something new to deal with - playing the show almost in the round. We had to work out how and where to move the wardrobe so that people sitting at the sides could still see Iva inside the wardrobe.

What you can't see in this picture is that behind the black curtain behind the wardrobe is a massive gate that opens out to a square. The stage can be used the other way around, with the audience standing or sitting on the square. We were all very impressed by that.

The show is being very well received in Dublin, and it is fun to play here. Yesterday there was a food market on the square at the back of the theatre, so we all went for food there in between the shows.

Today is our last day in Dublin, tomorrow we go to Galway. We haven't really had time to see much of Dublin, but what we've seen of it so far was great. Mark, the production manager of the Ark, has been leading us to the best places in the area for coffee, sandwiches, a meal, or a beer. Local knowledge is good.

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