Thursday, 23 October 2008

What we've learnt about the Irish

When we were in Dublin, we asked Lizzy (front of house) how old the children were who would come and see the show. She said: 'Today we have 5th class, 6th class and 4th year. The 5th class kids are 11, 6th class 12, and 4th year...' She was thinking.
'10?' we suggested.
'No, no. About 15-16.'

We hadn't noticed her differentiation between 'class' and 'year', so initially there was a lot of confusion.
Then she explained that the 4th year is an optional year. Optional??? In my days you had to take every year, unless you were one of those high IQ kids or something and you were allowed to go straight to university.
Not so in Ireland. The 4th year is optional, a transition year is what they call it. Where you learn about life and life skills. Such as going to the theatre, I guess.

We asked if you could take the 4th year at a later age, like at 30, if you feel you are lacking some knowledge about life. But you can't. You get one chance and that's it.

The other thing we've learnt is about the compatibility between Galway and Bath. But that is all quite complex, so I will keep that for a more anthropological blog.

On Sunday we all meet in Cambridge to continue and finish making Everything Falls Apart.

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