Monday, 20 October 2008

Have you seen the size of my ginger???

After Dublin we drove to Galway, where we had three days off before playing the trilogy. Galway is by the Atlantic ocean, and our hotel had a view over the ocean and the Aran islands. It's a very nice town, with great pubs serving very good Guinness.

We played in the Town Hall Theatre: morning shows for 350 children and evening shows for mixed audiences. All shows were very well attended and received, and we all enjoyed being there and playing there.

The festival in Galway has been a long standing affair. We met Lali many years ago but due to availability, we didn't manage to come here until now.

I went to a small deli to buy the stuff to make tea, and I found the biggest piece of ginger so far. I put a pen and a pot of honey next to it for reference.

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