Thursday, 20 November 2008

No rest for the wicked

We did it. We opened the show at the Junction and now it has an end.
Monday was a long day with setting everything up and doing a last run-through.

Ready to go? We'd better be...

Mama Zog

The party speech

More party

The bike ride

Uncle Stepan

More uncle Stepan

The End

After the show we all went for drinks to celebrate our opening night. I think we deserved a big night out. After all, we'd been working hard for three weeks to get to this point.

Bob showing off his tattoos

On Tuesday we played two shows, and my thought was that they got better and better. So now all we have to do is play more. But we have to wait until January when we'll play again in Oslo.

After the fight

Papa Zog pays for the boys' trip

In the car

Jean-Pierre and the magical refrigerateur

"I love cooking, I do"

The curtain call.

So what's next? CHINA!
I do intend to update this blog while we're there, but it might not be so easy. So I'm not promising anything.

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