Monday, 24 November 2008

We are in China

Pictures will follow later, I'm too tired to transfer them from my camera right now.
But after a very long delay in Helsinki due to a snowstorm, we finally arrived in Beijing. It is quite overwhelming, the pollution is everything everyone says it is, and there are small things we didn't expect, like local people taking pictures of the children, and ways of eating food that we weren't familiar with at all.

We only arrived 3 hours ago, but people at the hotel and the restaurant laughed at our helplessness. Not in a mean way though, I think they are charmed by our ignorance.

One thing that did unsettle me was speakers on the streets telling me not to trust anyone and to always keep an eye on my belongings.
Other than that it is amazing to be here.
We play our first show tomorrow.

I will report more soon.

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