Sunday, 16 November 2008

Tomorrow is the day

This week has been another busy one. We moved into our rehearsals space at the Junction, which was a bit small considering we have assembled a lot of stuff along the way.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to Oslo because The Song of Lost Treasures was playing there at Showbox. Oslo was crisp and cold, and it was a bit of a shock to the system to go from Everything Falls Apart to the Song. The cast of the Song was in great form, and even though playing a children's show to an adult audience may seem a bit strange, it seemed to go down just as well. For me it was a blitz visit to Oslo and Showbox, and my last chance to run the show before they go on tour with Honza while I'll be in China with the End of Everything Ever.

Speaking of which, we have been told that our set is now in Beijing, hopefully clearing customs and being delivered to the Milky Way Arts Centre.

When I got back to Cambridge, I saw the end of the show.
Friday and Saturday we did some runs, but it is very hard with this show to run without an audience. We got that chance at the Lyric, but now the next time we'll have an audience is opening night - tomorrow.

I look forward to getting into the space. It's big and dark. Exactly what we need.

But first we had to tidy up a little bit.

Bob and Unai fixed the fridge

Tom and Alex untangled the beady curtains

Elisabet folded unused costume

Today we were invited for brunch at Shon and Steffi's house (from Hoipolloi). It was very nice to be able to sit down in a real home, especially since we're all away from home and have been for the last three weeks. The houses we're staying in are homely, but they're not really anyone's home and there is a big difference.

Here are some shots from the run through:

The eye of the tiger, the cream of the fight

Martin's birthday party

Party talk

Uncle Volin

Marie doing something strange with a chicken.

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