Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Break

After a very long journey we are now all back home, and this is the start of our Christmas break. On Sunday we played our last show and packed up our set, and Ray delivered our goods... He will never be forgotten now.

Getting back to the hotel, there were some stalls with food on the corner of our street, and Tom and some chicken and vegetables for 40p.

We all went to get some beers to have a last night drinks to celebrate a very long and great autumn season. Iva bought cashews to make us all 'new men'. It didn't really work. At least for me, it didn't.

On Monday morning, we started our journey at 7.30am (Shanghai time). Ray brought us to the airport and we said goodbye. Once we were all through security, the new airport game started again. And now that we all had the new Jianzi's Ray bought us, we had to start all over again, because they're different: better, but harder to play.

During our 11 hour flight to Helsinki, we passed over the Gobi desert.

And over Siberia. It was daytime throughout the flight, so there were some amazing views - only it wasn't that easy to photograph them through the tiny windows of the plane.

In Helsinki, we had very little time to transfer to our next flight (to London), but Iva and the kids still found space and time to get some more practise with the Jianzi.

By then, the sun had finally set. We went 6 hours back in time, and were about to go back 2 hours more.

In London, our paths diverged: the Moberg family went straight onto a next plane to Oslo, and the Mechacek family, Dave and I were driven to a Travelodge to spend the night so we could get on our home flights the morning after.

Technically this is the end of our season. But next week Kjell and Alex will come to Berlin to start some work on the show they will make in Stuttgart next spring, and between Christmas and New Year I will drive to Cambridge to pick up the set for Everything Falls Apart. And of course we're all preparing for the festival week we've planned in Oslo in January.

One last thing: for anyone expecting anything: I did not send any postcards from China. Sorry.

All that is left now is to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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