Thursday, 4 December 2008

First show in Shanghai

This is a daylight version of the nightshot I posted a few days ago. It was early afternoon - the time of day is sometimes very confusing because the pollution filters the sunlight which makes it look like early evening.

Iva was released from hospital today and is feeling a lot better, so we performed tonight.

These are some pictures from our get-in yesterday.

The boys putting the wardrobe together

Working on the subtitles with Sky, our subtitle man. We had an interesting discussion about the differences between English humour and Chinese humour.

After getting in, we went to a fantastic tepanyaki restaurant next door to the hotel.

This was our chef for the night, who cooked what we ordered at our table.

Bara's very interesting soup. DYI.

Our table and the table behind us.

Today David and I went to the Science Museum (which was quite disappointing). The view was almost futuristic because of the smog and all the buildings that have been built in the last 10 years.

Some things we've learnt in China:
  • chopstick skills - we were rubbish on the first day and now we're a lot better. I wouldn't say masters, but still - there has been a clear improvement.
  • haggling - again, in the beginning we were quite soft, but now we're all quite tough at bartering. We probably still pay too much, but we are definitely very close to Chinese prices (I think).
  • crossing roads. In Beijing the issue was the very wide boulevards, in Shanghai the challenge is that traffic lights don't seem to matter at all and there are thousands of scooters and bikes in addition to millions of cars.

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