Monday, 29 December 2008

Travel by Numbers 3: Ghent - Cambridge - Ghent

On Saturday I went to pick up the set for Everything Falls Apart.

Distance: seven hundred and thirty eight
Duration: fourteen hours and forty five minutes
Idiot drivers: innumerable
  • one hour of fitting everything into the car
  • one hour lunch
  • half and hour waiting for the train on both sides
  • half an hour on the train on both sides
  • a lot of sitting in traffic
On the way back an English Land Rover backed up into a French Ford Ka in the queue for the check-in desk. I thought it was very funny. The driver of the Land Rover didn't. He looked like he would have punched himself in the face if that wouldn't have made him look even more stupid. He was third in line when a new booth opened and decided to change lanes...

The Eurotunnel is a fine piece of very cleverly designed machinery. If you haven't been on it yet, you should try it.

Tomorrow I will drive back home to Berlin.

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