Sunday, 26 April 2009

B61 at the Tivoli

Dear Reader/s

As mentioned in the previous blog entry we did in fact go to the Stuttgart Frülingsfest. David took some photos.

Sarah, Tom, and Liz ready for action.

Alpina Bahn was the first ride we all went on, a roller coaster. David said he was scared and felt a little sick after (the 2nd photo) so he didn't go on any more of the rides this evening. Some people find rides really fun but David doesn't seem to. There is a element of joy in watching as well, and in that element David is staying. We walked around and talked about all the different fairgrounds we had been to as children. Elisabet was a disappointed because they didn't have the spinning tea cup ride. She said that this was her favorite.

Tom, Sarah and Liz went on another shaky ride. David enjoyed watching but had to look away because it was making him feel sick again.

Walking around the enormous fairground we found it only natural to venture inside the GrosseBierZelt. We didn't stay long but here are some pictures, we will let them speak for themselves....

This ride took us 55 meters up in the air, Elisabet felt it was almost like being on a boat. Except for you were up in the air and you couldn't really see water anywhere. Our most exciting ride was the u-bahn back to town. At least the one that David appreciated the most...

Wednesday we were allowed some precious time in the main space at the theatre. We could actually work with our Trabant on stage. Everyone were really excited about having the real thing on stage as we have only worked with a mock-up in our rehearsal space. Tom foundly calls it the Bismarck. Aude really put some hard work into pushing the car. Brilliant work, Aude!

Thursday it was Sarahs birthday. We celebrated by cooking a lunch all together in the JES kitchen. Great pasta, some lovely salad, excellent german rustic bread and some nice cheese. Being a multicultured crowd we sang birthday songs in all languages, Norwegian, German, French, Chech and English. Sarah nearly cried after Kjell and Elisabet without preparation also had choreography to their song. Bless her young heart.

After the highs of her birthday, Sarah experienced the lows of rehearsals today when Elisabet threw a bucket of water over her. Aude was to throw another bucket, but missed. Bless her.

Kjell's leg is recovering like a one would expect from a sturdy Norwegian, fast.

The weekend is now upon us, some have gone home and some are staying. Next week our uber-blog-meisterin, Elke Laleman, will join us along with other NIE suspects to perform Everything falls Apart as part of the JES 5 year Anniversary.

(posted by Elisabet and David)

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New International Encounter said...

I, the über blog meister, am starting my journey to Stuttgart tomorrow, the long way around: via Oslo.
On some occasions, when starting in Berlin, Oslo is on the way to Stuttgart.
Just depends on how you turn the globe...