Sunday, 19 April 2009

blog entry 2

Dear Reader/s

Before we begin this blog entry Elisabet and I would like to formally apologize for any spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors in the last blog entry of ours. Sara is called Sarah although it sounds the same it is a whole 20% of her written name that we forgot. We apologize. Gerd is correct. Alexander is a man and not a woman. We apologize to Alex and to the confusion this may have caused our readers. Elisabet is spelt like this. So now, clean sheets and we begin.

Kjell and the Leg (see picture below)

Christian is holding the shuttlecock. This is a game we found in China which has been mentioned before by the Über-Blog-Meisterin Elke. Kjell leaped forward to save one of his three from five remaining lives. On returning back from a successful lunge his face contorted and went quickly white. He said something was wrong. It was his hamstring. Off he popped to the hospital where a Swedish doctor took care of him. He will be on three legs for about a week. The purple crutches have red reflectors on front and back to save him from any more accidents. We think this is wise. Get well, Kjell!

Although the previous blog entry pictures may not seem that way, rehearsals have really been in earnest. Lots of ideas, scenes and singing. Also lots of nice opportunities to eat together. Food is important, isn't it? Kjell made that lunch. Get well, Kjell!

Stuttgart has been very nice to us weather wise. Even when it rained it was a blessing. We have been exploring the city and found some nice watering holes. Here at present is the Frülingsfest that we now are about to explore. Kjell will not be coming. Sorry, Kjell! Get well.

Please watch this space for more exiting Stuttgart-trivia.

This blog entry is now ended. Now.

(posted by David and Elisabet)

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