Sunday, 5 April 2009

Travel by numbers 10: Linz - Berlin

Distance: seven hundred and thirty nine kilometres
Duration: seven hours and five minutes
Idiot drivers: none

I crossed the Danube several times on the way home. And somehow I felt some ownership of this mighty river...

Yesterday we played our last show on the boat. According to people who've seen more than one show, it was our best one.
Afterwards we put the boat back to the way it was before we adjusted it to our needs. We needed some help from Mr. Hoffmann, as we couldn't remember which tables went where.

After that we said goodbye to our favourite hangout in Linz: die Alte Welt.

Things I will miss:
- the boat
- Bob's German
- the Saturday siren of Linz

So now I can stretch my legs while the others work hard in Stuttgart. In the meanwhile I will plan a holiday and do some experimenting with silicon and lightbulbs.

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