Saturday, 19 September 2009

Back to late summer

I am in Oslo now. Flying for an hour and 40 minutes took me from 5°C to 20°C. It's as if I've gone into the future (early winter) and have now returned to the now (late summer).

On our flight there were two actors from the NRK. And they weren't just in their seats. They decided to act. As we were airborne and the fasten seatbelts signs went off, they started to re-enact the safety procedures, with some 'jokes' in between. I didn't quite get it, both actors couldn't keep their cool, the camera woman seemed to be taking random shots, and the whole thing only lasted for about 5 minutes and then they stopped. It was crap. (You should know by now that I don't mince my words).

Today Kjell, Iva and I spent 5 hours in our new storage space. We loaded the van full of Everything Falls Apart, and arranged the other stuff to make space for anything that is out to be put in. There is a lot more space here than there was in our previous storage space, it's a real luxury.

Anna and Sasha helped.

I asked Sasha to pull a Viking face. He doesn't usually look this scary. He's guarding the car which was deemed dead a few weeks ago. It's still well enough to go for a ride in Czech Republic and Austria though.

In the meanwhile we have a bigger problem. Ikea is no longer selling small Oddvar stools. We've been buying them all over Europe, and have a set in Oslo, one in Cambridge and one in Stuttgart. We were planning to get another set in Czech Republic. But Ikea is only selling the tall ones at the moment. Now what?

Tomorrow I'm off on the ferry. 19 hours on a boat. It'll be good practice for the two weeks we'll be spending on the banana boat in November.

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