Monday, 21 December 2009

Scratch over. Year over.

We have left London. Or at least I think we all did. The scratch nights were great fun, and we now can't wait to develop this further.
But, as I've explained to many people over the last two weeks: we have quite a few more shows to make before this one opens, so at the moment we are planning to do another week in June, and then maybe we find some more time before autumn 2011. Yes, you read that right. 2011. I will try and explain to you in a next post what is happening before autumn 2011. One thing's for sure: we're not taking a sabbatical.

This is what Katchka made of the reception room where the audience came in before the show started. Our collection of maps and mad hats and costumes.

Some people grabbed the pen and marked on the map where they had been. Between you and us, we didn't cover the world. So we'll have to work harder. You have until autumn 2011 to fill in the gaps we leave in our travels. I will definitely try to make an effort to fill in those gaps no one else seems to be willing to fill in.

Nils is telling the audience just how big the world is.

On Saturday, we came in at 11am to get some extra scenes into shape to present to the next audience. BAC is an enormous listed building with a lot of windows and single glazing. It gets cold in there...

The view from the Committee Room (the Old Bar)

After lunch we came back to BAC and found a few of the cast couldn't resist the urge to play Around the World in 80 days as a West End musical. So they had a go at it.
About 5 minutes in, Alex cut them off: it was too much to handle.

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