Sunday, 22 February 2009

Peterborough in the Middle

On Saturday we drove to Peterborough. As part of a project we are planning to make in Peterborough, we decided to play in a community centre rather than in the Key Theatre. The whole set-up is a start of something bigger, part of us learning things about Peterborough, bringing things there and taking things from there.
We had a small but enthusiastic audience and had a chat with them after the show about what we could do in Peterborough, how we should do it, where we should go and who we should talk to.
There were people from 4 different organisations in Peterborough who all had different suggestions.

Afterwards we all went to a bar on a boat to celebrate Tom's 30th birthday. I thought that day would never come, but here it is: Tomas Mechacek has finally joined the 30something brigade.

After the boat we went to a pub where karaoke was being sung badly, and where they had pool tables. So we played a few rounds. I met a man called Sean who was intimidated by my hair and said I had some 'crazy shit' going on. He wondered if it had electricity in it. He hung around for a while and made us laugh a lot. But I guess it's time for a haircut... Only I fear no European haircut will be as good as my Chinese one.

Another part of the things I got used to while living in London and then got unused to again after moving away is food in England. At the risk of offending a nation: when it comes to food, there is something rotten in the state of England. On tour we generally have to eat out. And eating out in England is not easy. That is to say, not easy if you want something fresh and healthy. In some of the places we've been to the only options have been burgers and chips, jacket potatoes or sandwiches that look like they died a few years ago.
After 4 days of that, I had a dream that I was having an affair with Nigella Lawson. Which was quite shocking but it makes things very clear: something had to give. So I went to the supermarket to get some salads and fruit.
Because that is something I will readily admit: supermarkets in England are probably the best in Europe. Only takeaway or sit-in food doesn't reach those standards by far.

Today we have a day off in Peterborough. Peterborough is not very big, so when I went out to go to the supermarket, I first bumped into Nils Petter and 5 minutes later Iva walked by.
I like it when that happens. It's like a coincidence that isn't a coincidence at all. And for the briefest of moments, I have the feeling I live in a small town where I know everyone and meet friends on the street.

Tomorrow we are going to Warwick.

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