Saturday, 28 February 2009

Tour Over

Last night we finished our tour in Uppingham, in a theatre that is part of the school Stephen Fry went to as a child.
We played to 150 students - in some way it was a bit like being back in Norwegian schools, in other ways it couldn't have been more different.
We were made to feel very welcome there and have been invited to go back soon. If our schedule has space for it...

Iva left last night after the show to get a head start on her monster journey to Linz. Bara left last night as well, because she had to get back to Prague to perform in her own show there.
The rest of us took off this morning, and saying goodbye at Heathrow made us realise that some of us won't see each other for a while now.

The two upcoming projects have an entirely different cast because they overlap.

So I'll be seeing some of them on Friday when I go to Linz, the others (who are involved in the show we'll be making in Stuttgart) I won't see again until the beginning of May.

But first things first: on Monday rehearsals start for a show called 'Das Schiff', which is a co-production with Sgaramusch and Schäxpir and will be performed as part of Linz Cultural Capital 2009.
We'll be playing on a boat in Linz, which I'm very very excited about.

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