Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Rehearsals Das Schiff in Linz.

We started the rehearsals with some of the crew for Das Schiff this Monday.
Linz is a friendly place and we found out that the people in The Phönix theatre have an approach to coffee that we really appreciate. We were just about to start the first readings on Monday and wanted a coffee. We asked in the front office, and they said that there was a machine in the hallway- BUT the lady said if you want real coffee you should go to the financial department. And so we went- and asked- and the woman said while opening the VAULT: You can have anything! But ristretto is the strongest. So we signed a paper and got 3 packs of the strongest coffee and then started the work!

We have been working a lot on the stories the first days, but today we did the first attempts on the floor.

Bob is in bed with a stomach flu, so its only the four of us working at the moment. We also visited the boat today, and it looks great! Here is a the view from the boat towards Albert Speers famous bridge head buildings.
There is a very nice exhibition about the Nazi period there at the moment.

Here is the boat

Here is the plan of the boat:

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