Monday, 9 March 2009

First day on the ship

Today was the first day we could work on the ship. As soon as we walked in, we all got incredibly excited. The man who was there noticed it and gave us an extensive tour, not only of the places we could take an audience to, but also to the off-limits areas on board. Those bits are obviously the most intriguing, but unfortunately they're also the smallest, so we can't take 60 people in there, even if they're little ones.

The radio control room

The machine room

The kettle room

The paddle wheel

The trapdoor in the floor of the red salon

After we'd properly explored the boat with a game of sardines (which upset some of the crew a little bit, but I think we managed to some extent to convince them we were not a bunch of raving lunatics), we started to explore the stories in different areas of the boat.
It seems to me that the ship itself is one of the biggest characters in our collection of stories.
And we are all very keen to show our audience as much of this very charming location as possible.

I'm sure there is a lot more to discover over the following weeks.
What didn't take long to discover was that it was very cold in some of the rooms. We'll be wearing hats, gloves and thermals as of tomorrow.
But don't worry, if you plan to come and see the show you won't be spending the whole day on the boat like we are. And the time you spend in the colder spaces on board will be limited. Also, by that time it will be bright and sunny and nice and warm (is what Nora promised).

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