Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Visitors on our ship

We had a very busy day yesterday. It was the last day this week with Nora and Colombo, as they're off to Belgium to play in a festival, and we had some press things to do.
The boatman of the day was a very sweet man called Peter. When I arrived, he shook my hand and welcomed me on board, insisting that if there was anything we needed, we could ask him. Throughout the morning he would suddenly appear in the middle of rehearsals, either being an audience, or ending up being referred to by one of the actors. He liked it all.

At one point we were doing a scene on the top deck and he came after us and offered to lower the chimney. Colombo said he likes showing off and doing tricks.

When we stopped for lunch he came and sat down with us. We offered him some lunch, but his wife had already brought him some earlier.

After lunch some people came to take press shots and do a short interview. The photographer was very quick and knew what he wanted. He got us all into the steering cabin and told us precisely where to stand and what to do. No nonsense. Even when we were tempted to fool around, he was very sharp with us and knew how to control a bunch of adults behaving like kids.

Then Nora and Colombo got taken away by Flieger, the technical manager of Schäxpir. I think his first name is Franz, but everyone seems to call him Flieger (which is his surname). If I have a cool surname like that, I'd have people use it as my proper name as well. Colombo does the same.
The interview and subsequent sound recording went very quickly as well, and then we rehearsed some more with a small audience of people who publish the weekly Linz09 magazine.

In the meanwhile Bob has fallen prey to a very special kind of paranoia. Last week housekeeping took away his towel, and he's convinced that that was because he hadn't done the dishes in his flat. So now he thinks that whenever he forgets to do something, something will be taken away from him.

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