Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The end of the show

Today we reached the end of the show. It's still quite unclear how long it will be, as it's very hard to tell how long it will take to move people around on the boat.
In the morning we started with a music rehearsal, and then we carried on from where we left off: the trumpet-monster.

We were a little bit limited today as we couldn't go on the deck. They were cleaning it because it had to be done before the frost comes back.
Personally I hope today's whether will stay and the frost will go somewhere else. This was the first time I had the chance to take a picture of our ship in the sun. And it looks a lot shinier in sunshine.

In the afternoon we got to the end of the stories, and not being able to get onto the deck brought us to an end that will be more surprising than it would have been outside (especially on rainy days).

I guess posting these pictures takes away the surprise, but I think you'll be surprised when you come on board anyway...

Most days we have lunch together on board. It's quicker than eating out and makes it easier to discuss rehearsals further.

What I forgot to write yesterday was that Kacka and I went to the costume department of the Landestheater. We had an appointment and 1pm and a lovely lady took us on a trip through a maze of a building. We went from a room with dresses to a room with suits and then on through a long corridor, up a different staircase, through some more doors into a room full of women's shoes, and on to another floor up to the room full of men's shoes and hats, and then back to the beginning to take another passage into another corridor onto another staircase to a room full of uniforms.
At one point I checked the time and saw it was 3pm. No wonder we were both tired and hungry. We got a lot of nice costumes and we didn't even have to carry them all to the boat: Alexander and Alfred picked them up for us this morning and delivered them to our Red Salon.

As time is ticking away, it's great that so many people are helping us with all those things none of us have time for.
Thank you, Schäxpir.

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