Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Mighty Danube

After being side tracked into tipping paper, this is what I found on the door of the kitchen of the ship: no smoking - not filter cigarettes and not filterless cigarettes.

Yesterday we welcomed two new people onto our ship: Mago, a Swiss musician and Alexander, and Austrian assistant. In the evening we tried out some Austrian beers with Mago. The beer below was in very nice glasses but tasted quite boring. My favourite so far is Gösser, even though the beer served in most places is Zipfer.

This morning we laid out a series of map tracing the Danube. It's very long, and it took a lot of rearranging tables in order to get it all lined up properly. We probably moved the tables five times in the process. The Danube does not flow through Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland or the UK, but that doesn't really matter as after more than a week on board the Schönbrunn, we've all started to develop a very strong connection to this very long river.

The Danube starts in Donaueschingen in Germany...

... flows through Linz...

... and ends in the Danube Delta leading into the Black Sea.

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