Sunday, 29 March 2009

International haircuts

Yesterday was a day off and for a change it was a glorious one. 20°, bright blue sky, and Linz looked beautiful.
Alex and I went for lunch al fresco, then wandered around trying to find a hairdresser that just cut hair and didn't want to 'pimp our head' or 're-style' or whatever else it is they want to charge a fortune for.

On our travels we had a look inside the Ruhepol, which is one of the Linz09 things. It's a statement against the lack of silence in modern society. We walked into the foyer and a woman came up to us and whispered something I couldn't understand. So I asked her to repeat it. She whispered again.
As she was standing several metres away from me, there was no way I'd ever understand her whispering. So when she was finally close enough to me for me to understand her explanation of the Ruhepol spaces, she'd also reverted to normal speaking volume.
At that point our haircut was more important than a quiet space, so we walked off.

We eventually found a hairdresser, plain and simple Cut 'n' Go.
The staff were very friendly, even though they didn't quite understand Alex when he said he wanted to look 10 years younger.
I got my hair cut with razor blades, which was new to me.

So far the top 3 places for haircuts are:

1. Beijing
2. Galway
3. Linz

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