Thursday, 26 March 2009

First job of the day

One of the things I really enjoy is arriving on the boat in the morning and going straight to the top deck to raise the flags. We have to lower them and take them off every night in case a strong wind would wreck them, or blow them off, or destroy them. It's one of my favourite jobs in this show, because it's a very clear sign that we're on board, and getting ready to play.

These are some things I found on the internet today:

here you can listen to a radio interview, where Alex gets German dubbing.

here is some kind of review from Volksblatt, which is actually more a detailed description.

here is a review from the Oberösterreichishe Nachrichten.

I don't know how long these will stay online, so try them out now.

Last night we had the official premiere, with guests from Linz09, Schäxpir, the ÖGEG (the boat people) and OberÖsterreich.

The most fantastic moment in the show was when Bob tries to enter from outside through a door and pretends the door is locked. Mr. Hoffman, the man who runs the boat, got up immediately, took his keys out and started walking towards the door. We managed to explain him very quietly that it wasn't locked, that Bob was just pretending. But we were all impressed by how ready he was to help us out.
(During the party he even helped me and Colombo to take the flags down).

Afterwards there was a party on the boat, which started with kids dancing to Austrian accordion music and continued with Alex being taught the shoe-slapping dance by Julius, the culture minister of Upper Austria. Both Nora and Alex tried to follow and copy Julius' moves, but the man is quite an agile shoe-slapper, so they were both exhausted at the end.

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